Attollo is a cyber-noir thriller set in a walled city off the coast of the Atlantic that’s been a victim of a nuclear disaster.

After several years of radio silence, you receive a message from your younger sibling that carries a strange sense of urgency to it. Either out of familial concern or boredom, you embark on a journey from your residence to your sibling's apartment in New Hampshire to see what’s going on and, hopefully, be home before the weekend.

Too bad it’s never so simple.

  • Choose your gender, sexuality, and career choice
  • Search for your missing sibling in an unpredictable world
  • Deal with cults, corrupt governments, and superpowered criminals
  • Commit a bit of light B&E with your local maximum security facility
  • Get a good nights sleep (the most unrealistic part of this game)
  • Or, you know, joy ride a Bugatti

  • Pariah [NB] - Your local elusive vigilante who hides behind a mask and a set of sickles. Between spending their nights perched on rooftops, they do enjoy an odd B&E now and then. They also seem to enjoy throwing you into the fray on more than one occasion, much to your chagrin. (Pariah is a canon asexual character, which should be remembered if chosen to romance)
  • Vasilisa Solovieva [F] - The detective who honestly just wants people to stop fighting. When she isn't solving cold cases, she's trying to make sure you don't die, although the city and its inhabitants seem to be making that quite the task for her.
  • Operator [M] - The enigmatic city worker who lives among the decaying buildings of the Under City. Between keeping an eye on all of the cameras and maintaining Attollo's tentative peace agreements, he has his work cut out for him, although he does make efforts to keep you alive as well.
  • Dreamwalker [M] - The Midnight Man, Mr. Vertigo—he goes by many names, but one thing is the same: he isn't someone you want to cross. As the leader of an ominous organization with a wicked set of powers on top of it all, Dreamwalker seems adamant about Attollo's ruin—and your presence may be creating a bump in his plans.
  • Sysba/'Ymnar [F, M, or NB] - A disgraced eldritch god with a questionable dietary preference, Sysba has nothing but resentment for the humans they've been trapped with. Despite their allegiance to Ovo, they seem to do just about anything to create chaos. They also seem to know more about what's going on than they care to admit, a fact that may prove deadly down the line.
  • Suha Sobhi [F] - A government operative with a stern sense of justice, Suha oversees the legal aspects of Attollo, and her position in the infamous Crowes Court has her as being nearly untouchable in terms of power. Having her assist in finding your sibling may be the break you need—or it could just make things even worse.


UI Credit to Nyehilism 

Art credit to Dagnyart

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(149 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsCyberpunk, Horror, Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller
Average sessionA few hours


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The amount of content and development is great. I started playing this a couple of weeks back and have slipped back in on my time off. 

My two main complaints are similar.

 I don't like how often the default (only) response is awkward, self-deprecating humor MC. I'd much rather play my MC as self-assured, but he is often forced into the "loveable goofball" scenes.

I also wish my job choice of Doctor seemed to have any actual purpose. I spent time reviewing the options in my head before selecting one for my MC, and it doesn't seem like my choice has mattered.  

The story, world, and NPCs are all amazing. I just such my MC felt like more MY MC.


Hello! Thanks for your comment! 

Regarding the complaints, I'm not too sure if you've been on the dev blog or not, but I do emphasize that the career choice is most valuable come chapter 6. There is flavor text existing throughout the game right now for your career, but because of the way the story is it just hasn't had a chance to shine right now. It's a very slow moving story 😅

Your other point about the MC has been mentioned by others and is something I'm trying to take into consideration for future updates. 

Hope that helps, and thank you again!


i have such a crush on deadlock even if we annoy him 🥺 all the characters are sooooo good, most books tend to focus development only on the ROs


Welp time to choose between two of my favorite love interest


Thank you for the update author, been waiting for so long even in 😍😍😍


I've re-read this again and found how much i love every cast member. They're all captivating and unique in their own way


Really love this game! I'm only on chapter 3 right now and I'm so conflicted on what the mc should do. 

Will you by chance ever have a walkthrough made for this? 

Hi! Once the book is finished I will!


Oh awesome! I'm going through now and doing what I think my MC would do, but later on I'd like to go through and see all other options as well and what decisions lead to where. Lol


Very good game, wish it could be the full version! But a person can dream.

 Good luck with the development!


This story had me by the throat. I could hardly bear to step away. I felt genuine terror during Dreamwalker’s lovely appearance. Very well written.


Do you plan on a Poly route?


Hi! Yes, with Sysba and DW, but it won't be implemented until the end of book 2!


Ok. Can't Wait!


oops!!!!!! i now have a thing for eldritch gods. thanks sysba.


count me in <3


Wonderful game so far. Can't wait for more!

My only gripe is that some transitions seem bit too long. Like the Dreamwalker introduction, unless i missed something, you couldn't skip the glitchy messages.


Hi! Thanks for your kind words! I'm working on trying to find the right pacing for transitions, but unfortunately I also need to take into account that people may have different reading speeds, so I can't make things too fast. Once I figure out a good speed it should be more workable :)


i love reading thru these RO descriptions and theyre all cool apocalyptic survivor types and then its just "eldritch god" 


I'M SUPREMELY, SWOONINGLY, VERILY SATISFIED WITH THE UPDATE!! Thank youu thank youuu!!! Can't stop smiling, and this is just what i need after a hard day


sooo excited ;3


It's not letting me open the settings for some reason so I can't save or check my character thing which is a shame because I don't really want to end up having to delete everything since I'm so far into the story right now 

Hello! I'm sorry you're experiencing these difficulties. Unfortunately, my only advice to you regarding this concern is to clear cache and see if that fixes the issue. It'll force you to restart, but hopefully you won't run into the issue after that. Again, I'm incredibly sorry, and let me know if it still doesn't run!


love it so much ,every character is so interesting and also everyting about the enviroment of the world  , cant wait for the next update


The story is really good so far! Do you think you could add Deadlock to the list of r/o,  dunno why my brain just attached to him. I really like the writing and how the characters interact!


Thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately there will be no more RO's beyond the 6 listed, simply because it would not be feasible for me to adjust the plot that I have made for that change. I have all 3 books worked out so far, and it would be too much of a hassle to readjust them for anyone else. Cheers!

Just started playing but I can't save. Every time I try to save, I get an error. Autosaves work fine, though.

Hello! What browser are you using to play?? I checked on both mobile chrome and PC chrome and found that the saves work fine on my end; if it continues to persist for you, clearing cookies should fix the problem! Let me know if this still doesn't work!


13/10 story; 6/10 candy choice ; All in all 11/10 game 


This have been one of my favourite book in choice of games, seems like you move here author 😍😍😍. I hope you will keep writing this book .


This is SO GOOD OMG!


A masterpiece!!

I love the length of each chapters!!

Can't wait for more  ;_;


The writing is really good but the lack of choices is not. 


just got drowned by a sexy mermaid. 10/10 game


1) im loving this so far!!
2) do you have a track list for the club music....


HELP i dont think im supposed to be this attracted to gasper 💀💀💀💀 def gonna take up his offer for dinner if given the chance omfg... kinda sad that he isnt an RO honestly-- mc the whole encounter like oh god this is bad this is dangerous i need to leave and im just admiring his portrait like DAMN MORE OF HiM PLEASE



(1 edit) (+5)

Same haha I really like Gasper and I'm sad that he's not one of the RO too...Why does he have to be so attractive :)




YESS!! I was waiting for the option to actually cash in that offer from him, only to realize he's not an RO 😭


pls can u update i also choose sysba and i need to know what gonna happen. it's rlly nerve wrecking. the story is amazing but pls update soon


AGHH you can't just give us the choice of who to talk to and leave it at that!! Jokes aside these last couple of days reading this story has been the best, and I hope to see an update soon! But I guess it was the right choice to end the story off there because I was about to make the god awful choice of choosing to talk to Sysba, but I can't help it because I like them too much to choose otherwise.


I'm so engrossed in this story that i've been reading it for two days. What caught me off gaurd though is the art of Gasper popping up at the side of the screen, honestly left me speechles. Like, why is he attractive? That's besides the point, this story is sooo captivating and interesting I don't want it to end, ever.


Hello, I am a new player and I really liked your game and I am really amazed by the length of the episodes and the wonderful story. You are an excellent writer and I hope you continue writing other stories.


Heads up on... not a bug really, but an exploitable oversight? 

spoilertown ahead

when talking to suha in the greenhouse, asking about said greenhouse gets her affinity up a fair bit and the discussion loops back around to the list if questions to ask her and asking about it again... raises it more. asking 10 times would take no time at all and max out affinity. 


Minor spoiler alert!

Twine version of Attollo has such nice aesthetic! Love your story very much but i had some minor error in playthrough. When MC have issues in police precinct they fight their stress remembering events from 'going to the bar' route though they explored docks. I have save file if its helpful but i do not know where i can send it.


Hi!! You can send it to or through the tumblr at attollogame! This little bug has been an ongoing battle, so if you can pinpoint where in the text specifically it pops up, that would be awesome! Apologies for the inconvenience!!


"What's the Suss?" made me instantly think of among us and im fucking shaking right now p;ease


i love this!!! i'm more in love with sysba than i'm willing to admit, they're wayyy too alluring T_T i'm really looking forward to how it's gonna be like to romance them and dreamwalker since both of them are like walking red flags lmaoo also!!  i love deadlock <3 he's too funny, gotta be one of my favorite characters

How do you know me so Well...


I love your writing. The plot is intriguing and it kept me reading for hours straight. Looking forward to your progress on this!


Screenshots are good! Looks solid as a style.  Snake eating moon - is just perfect!


an unbelievably captivating piece of work... kept me up all night to finish reading 💙


i played this in dashingdon and im in love!!


I am extremely impressed.

The writing is amazing and there's so much mystery! I spent hours reading and I will definitely continue to follow the progress!


Thank you so much!!!

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